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Learn the two framing modes in Custom Framer.

The graphics mode - A first framing project  -  Watch on YouTube
Learn some of the basic functions and parts of the screen while creating your first project.   

The forms mode -  Pricing forms -  Watch on YouTube
Use a simple form to design and price your project. You don't need images to use these forms. 

Some of the tools in Custom Framer

Prepare moulding images - Watch on YouTube
Learn how to use the built in tool to prepare images of moulding for use with Custom Framer.  

Multiple opening mats  -  Watch on YouTube
Learn how to use the freestyle approach to framing multiple images.   

Add shapes to mat openings -  Watch on YouTube
Learn how to create shapes and add them to the mat opening 

Batch Framer -  Watch on YouTube
Learn how to frame a number of images using multiple framing options with just a few clicks.
Ideal for presentations, catalogue and web site work. Batch Framer is a low cost add on.

Create an import file to add your own selection of mouldings or mats.  
This is not a video, it is step by step instructions in a Word text file (.doc format).

Download the 30 day trial of Custom Framer including Batch Framer

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