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Try the demo of FrameNview. Select this link.

When reviewing the demo remember that you will be able to use the online Control Panel to change many of the features to match your site. FrameNview can be customized for the way you work. Contact us at 1-888-289-5811or artframer@hotmail.com

Your framing materials:
- mats, mouldings, frames, glazing
- your method for pricing
- your prices
- group your framing materials into categories
- custom framing logic and business logic

Graphic controls:
- the header
- button design and colors
- background colors 
- fonts.

You can also change:
- the number of tabs
- the names and order of the tabs
- what appears on each tab including the text and the framing tools.
- the report region colors and buttons
- external links
- the Help file 

Integration with sites:
- PHP and .Net version environments
- many shopping carts
- most sequel databases
- runs on your server
- integration by passing XML or strings is available
- we work with your web site developer, we do not replace him.

Custom features can be developed for you. These include:
- Multiple opening mats that include openings with various shapes
- Visualization and pricing for images with museum and gallery wrapped edges
- Special crop tools that resize an image and track the crop based on pixels
- Automated framing based on the image properties
- Default framing for all images
- Special logic that helps the user avoid the selection of improper materials

If you can think of a feature we’ll consider developing it.

When the project requirements are well defined we provide a fixed price quote.
- Staged payment structure 
- There are no budget surprises at the end of the project.
- There are no annual fees

Contact us at 1-888-289-5811. Send E-mail queries to artframer@hotmail.com