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Custom Framer - artist software.
The design, presentation and pricing capabilities make Custom Framer the ideal sales tool, helping to sell images and framing services. Custom Framer is designed for use by professionals:

Artists - as an exceptional sales tool 
           - organize and display images at shows and presentations

Photographers - studio photographers who want to increase their sales of images and frames
                      - photographers who sell their images to the wall decor market 

Graphic artists - to prepare high res. image for print media, catalogs, advertisements,
                       - to prepare images for the  web

Framers - in your shop for pricing and presentation
            - on your laptop for presentations to designers and corporate accounts

 Download the demo. click here

Visit our Home page and view screenshots.

These are just some of the features. There are hundreds more.

- visualisation
- pricing
- easy to use drag and drop
- the program can be used with or without images
- the program can be used with or without prices
- many controls are at your finger tips
- frames images from many sources, image files, cameras, CDs, screen capture, web sites, copy and paste
- extensive databases for customers, images, artists, saved projects, mats, mouldings, frames, supplies, gift items and more
- compare multiple options with a few mouse clicks
- presentation tools - full screen project view 
                              - slideshow 
                              - save as a screensaver that you distribute
- multiple opening mats
- multiple mat and moulding options
- use wall colors or images for backgrounds
- save your work in a number of ways including high res images for catalogues
- image capture tool to generate your own images
- send your work directly to Photoshop
- prepare images for catalog
development and ad printing
- generate invoices and quotes
- generate purchase orders
- integrates with numerous accounting programs by outputting sales data in csv format
- batch importing of records using Excel or csv format
- imperial or metric measure
- add your own records and libraries of major suppliers











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