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Custom Framer - Art

The design, presentation and pricing capabilities make Custom Framer - Art the ideal sales tool for professionals:

- Framers - in your shop for pricing and presentation and on your laptop for presentations to designers and corporate accounts
- Artists - as an exceptional sales tool to organize, display and frame images at shows and presentations
- Graphic artists - to prepare high res. image for print media, catalogs, advertisements and for the  web

Custom Framer - Art has two framing modes, a graphics mode  and a forms based mode.

Both modes can generate pricing and visualization but you do not have to use the graphics features or you can use the graphics capability and ignore the pricing.

The graphics mode - A first framing project  -  Watch on YouTube
Learn some of the basic functions and parts of the screen while creating your first project.   

The forms mode -  Pricing forms -  Watch on YouTube
Use a simple form to design and price your project. You don't need images to use these forms. 

Download a 30 day fully function trail.

Register your copy Custom Framer - Art version - only $249.00 

Click on either image. Use Custom Framer - Art as a frame pricing program or as a frame visualization program.

More screenshots - Art version

These are just some of the features. There are hundreds more.

- visualization
- pricing
- easy to use drag and drop
- the program can be used with or without images
- the program can be used with or without prices
- choice of 2 framing modes
- option of 8 screen layouts
- many controls are at your finger tips, the mouse right click
- frames images from many sources, image files, cameras, CDs, screen capture, web sites, copy and paste
- extensive databases for customers, images, artists, saved projects, mats, mouldings, frames, supplies, etc
- compare multiple options with a few mouse clicks
- presentation tools - full screen project view 
                              - slideshow 
                              - save as a screensaver that you distribute
- multiple opening mats
- multiple mat and moulding options
- use wall colors or images for backgrounds
- save your work in a number of ways including high res images for catalogue
- image capture tool to generate your own moulding images 
- prepare images for catalog
development and ad printing
- generate invoices and quotes
- generate purchase orders
- integrates with numerous accounting programs by outputting sales data in csv format
- batch importing of records using Excel or CSV format
- add your own records and libraries of major suppliers
- powerful databases that allow you to search, add and edit records
- project reports for use in the shop
- all suppliers are welcome to make their materials available with Custom Framer

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