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Custom Framer software helps small business compete with big box stores. The framing departments in big box stores tells you that substantial  profits that can be earned. Your added personal service gives you an advantage.
Some mobile picture framing businesses equip a small truck and do the framing on the spot. This arrangement can require as much capital investment as a retail outlet and has a number of operating draw backs. Stuffing your car or van with corner samples looks unprofessional and does not help deal with many of the customer's concerns about dealing with a small business.

Consumers are used to seeing framing applications and other visualizations tools online. The picture framer who can combine a picture framing visualization tool such as Custom Framer - ART with in home sales techniques and framing skills has advantages over an impersonal web site or a big box store operation. A picture framing visualization tool, Custom Framer - ART, tells the customer that you are a modern professional and it provides you with powerful sales, design tools and database tools. If you have access to the internet you have access to millions of art images which you can frame with Custom Framer - ART. 

As a small business you have certain advantages, it is up to you to recognize these advantages and act on them. What you need to complete the package is Custom Framer - ART.

Download the Custom Framer - ART trial, make your business competitive.












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