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Custom Framer is used by professional framers, artists and photographers in 12 countries. Based on the level of interest we are currently looking for distributors in the following regions:

- U.K.
- India

Other areas may be made available. Custom Framer can be translated.
 Send e-mail to discuss your interest.

This will be of interest to companies or dynamic persons who have related business interests.

You should:
- have good computer skills
- have sound knowledge of picture framing
- contact with the major suppliers would be an asset
- be prepared to sell to the picture framing and photography industries
- be prepared to make a small financial investment

Your earnings will be generated by: 
- the sales that you make
- the distribution of price updates and new record updates
- referral fees for some of our other products
- the opportunity to enhance the sales of other products that you may be selling  


- If you are a sales representative working for a major moulding, art image or mat supplier we would be pleased to introduce you to Custom Framer and provide you with a new tool to increase your sales.

- If you are an independent sales representative calling on framers, art galleries, photo shops and photographers Custom Framer can be a new source of revenue for you and help your customers sell more of your products.

Send e-mail
or call marketing at 1-888-289-5811