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Custom Framer - Portrait - Photography studio software 

Custom Framer - Portrait is designed for the professional studio photographer.

If your photography studio photographs portraits or events our goal is to help you sell more images and more frames while providing affordable studio photography software.

Image sizes, properties and frames can be selected as you preview and sort images. Images and frames are priced as you work.

Watch a video on Youtube to see how simple it is to add frames while selling your images. Click here.

Download a 30 day fully function trail.

Register your copy Custom Framer Portrait version - only $299.00 

Below is a screen shot of the Proof  mode screen. 
- frame images as you review the images with your customer.
- thumbnails can be displayed 2, 4 or 6 across
- the dots below the images indicate their sort status. Images can be sorted Yes / No /Maybe / Unsorted
- images auto group based on their sort status
- images can be view and selected for framing in full screen or as thumbnails
- select sizes and multiple image properties
- prices for images and frames are updated dynamically as you work
- create special packages that can include multiple images and frames
- selected images and framed projects can be added to a cart and then to an invoice or a purchase order
- many more features to help organize and sell images and frames

Below is a screen shot of the second of 3 framing modes. 

For the most advanced framing use the Custom Framer mode.


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Add online framing to your web site with FrameNview 
- Customized options for art and photography sites.
Contact us to discuss your web site framing requirements.
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